vegan chili dogs

People always ask me what vegetarians can eat, commenting that it must be “sooo hard.” Well, what if i told you that vegetarians can eat chili dogs that taste EXACTLY like a normal animal-filled chili dog?? It’s true!!!  Last night Leo made these,  and i was extremely skeptical because it looked and tasted so much like the real thing! But he’s been a vegetarian for 10 years, so at this point he really knows whats goin on in the non-meat dept.

Looks meaty, huh? How can this be possible? Read on, friends. If you’re newly Veg It’s easy and anyone can do it!! Here are the things you need to make your own vegan chili dogs:


We used Smart Dogs.  I think they taste a lot like real hot dogs! If you’re vegan, make sure to check the ingredients list on yours, because there is a version that has egg whites in it (They are called “Veggie Dogs” instead of “Smart Dogs,” but made by the same company). You just have to microwave these dogs for about 45 seconds.


There are many brands of “meatless crumbles.” We used Boca. Try it!  MorningStar, or SmartGround also make versions.  Follow directions on package for pan-sautee action.

Chili Seasoning – buy some pre-made, near the taco seasoning in the store – or make your own.

Tomato sauce – mix this with your ground “beef” and chili seasoning in the sautee pan!

Now all you need is a sweet onion – chop up and sprinkle on top.

Mustard – squirt as much as you like.  Woo!

And whole wheat buns!

I really hope someone tries these and lets me know.  Especially all you newfound vegetarians out there – you know who you are! Mom, I bet you could make these for Dad and he wouldn’t know the difference!!

Enjoy! xxx


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