subway jumping

it’s friday, ya’ll, so i’m gonna keep it light. i think i should write a little post about one of my favorite morning hobbies. you can call it subway jumping, hopping, whatever, but either way it’s fun, awesome, and kind of a rush. i love finding ways to entertain myself. this way i never get bored.

I have a feeling that nobody is actually going to take the time to read this post, but if you’re really bored, read on, you crazy reader.

so, i get on the subway at 63rd and Lex – the F train. if anyone knows this station, you know that there are like 154 huge escalators to go down before you get to the actual platform. once you get down there, you are standing where the front of the train will be (if you’re heading downtown). if the stop you’re getting off at requires you to be near the back of the train, you’ve gotta trek all the way down to the other end.

i get off the train at York St in DUMBO. There is only one set of stairs at this station, too. They happen to be at the BACK of the train if you’re coming from uptown.

This means that in order to really maximize my travel time, I must get to the end of the train. Now, sometimes I get down to the platform and a train doesn’t come for a few minutes. This gives me ample time to get down to the other end of the platform, board the train in the last subway car, and everything is peachy. Sometimes if I’m not in a rush, I’ll just let the subway pass by me and get the next one.

But on the days when I’m in a rush, and the subway is zooming down the track right when I get down there…I know…today I’m gonna be a JUMPER. I get ready for my mission and usually put on some pump-up music.

At this point, I get into the first subway car and walk rapidly (if it’s not crowded) all the way to the other end of the car, music blasting, sunglasses on, always, just to look a little more like i’m on a serious mission. and i position myself in front of the door. At the next stop, I dash out of the car and run into the next car. I repeat the same process of walking to the other end of the car and getting ready by the door. I do this over and over until I get to the last subway car. If I start at car 1 at 63rd st, I’m usually down to the last car by the West 4th stop. I don’t know why this is so exhilarating for me, but it is. I laugh while I’m doing it, too.

this is such a fun game to play in the morning because it sets the mood for the day, ya know, being playful.

Here is the best thing ever – the other day I was “jumping” and i passed another jumper!! literally, he was dashing out of one car and passed me while i was dashing into the car he was in, and he jumped into the car i had been in. I really wanted to high five him!!! it would have been so awesome if i did!!!!!!!!

anyway i just had to share this game with everyone. another game i play sometimes is the “pretend to walk with people” game. when i’m walking down the street in NYC and I feel a little bored, I will non-chalantly start walking next to people and in my mind I pretend i’m like, friends with them, and see how it feels. it is actually really interesting because one time i walked next to some jazzed up older business man in a suit, and i pretended in my head that i was some powerful business person and we were walking to win some big lawsuit or something. then after that i walked next to a homeless woman for a bit and felt a little humbled. then i walked next to some young wall street looking guy and pretended i was his girlfriend and that was fun for a second until i started hating him for being so pretentious and i started plotting about our breakup. haha. people don’t know i’m doing it. it’s all a little mind game.

i might be crazy but i’m not boring. yeeeeeehaw.



2 Responses to “subway jumping”

  1. Linds Says:

    this posting made me laugh SO hard J. I love it- I do subway jumping when it’s dire. The walking next to people game is a new one I’ll have to give it a shot.

  2. Topher Says:

    No you are not boring!

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