peeves…everyone’s got ’em

howdy folks. now, i don’t generally like to be posting about negative stuff, but i think people’s peeves are so damn funny. i love hearing what weird things bother people.

so i figured i’d list some of mine. read on for some things that just really get me.

-when people breathe on me in the subway.

-misused quotation marks. this makes me physically ill.

you can find more annoying misused quotation marks here

-passive aggressiveness. it’s just unnecessary. see some amazing examples of this HERE.

-someone mumbles something, and when you ask them to repeat it, they say “nevermind.”

-when someone does a favor for you and then verbally announces their expectation that you to return it (especially in a passive aggressive fashion). “well, I just figured that since I helped you get that job a couple months ago, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to babysit my dog for the weekend.”

-when people act like their opinions are stone cold facts (although admittedly I do this sometimes).

-when people remind you a million times about a mistake you made in the past. i mean, the only reason to do this is to make someone feel bad. just let it go. i KNOW i broke the damn binding machine. but it’s fixed now.

-when i see a woman’s boyfriend/husband carrying her purse for her.

-when people scrape their teeth on their forks.

-when the subway doors open and nobody moves at all, acting like there isnt any room when there clearly would be if they took 2 steps in.

-when i’m watching an especially riviting scene of a movie or show and someone walks in and starts talking to me really loudly without warning and i miss the scene.

-condescending people/words/actions.

-being on speakerphone

-having to speak to an automated response on the phone

-biting tin foil

haha, it seems i had more off the bat than i thought. i’m sure i’ll continute to update this. i would really love to hear other people’s so bring ’em on! funny ones especially. for instance, i have a friend who can’t touch cotton balls. i heard recently of someone who hates the feel of red clay pots. ya know. stuff like that.



4 Responses to “peeves…everyone’s got ’em”

  1. Kim Says:

    Styrofoam, Superman logo tattos (except on Shaq), the movie grease, the band Creed, the word “panties” and having to fake laughter at work

  2. raych Says:

    i mumble and say ‘nevermind’ when i am purposely trying to piss someone off. works like a charm.


  3. Jen M Says:

    I can’t stand when you hold the elevator for someone and you come to find out that they are taking it to the 2nd floor. Augh! Learn to walk a flight of stairs people!

  4. Kathryn Says:

    Oooh, styrofoam does suck. and people who “shhh” when it’s not appropriate. and people who insist on walking 3 steps ahead of you (just rude! I’m sorry I have short legs and sometimes I feel like not running), or people who walk so close to you that they step on your heels (for some reason, I swear this happens to me all the time), hypocrisy, and relatedly, people who say they “hate drama,” as this assures that they, in fact, create drama everywhere.

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