coconut water is the new gatorade

For those of you that say Gatorade is the “Nectar of the Gods,” (ok, I admit, I used to say this about Gatorade Rain), think again. There’s a new kid on the block, and its name is COCONUT WATER. I’ve recently gotten really into it, and it kicks Gatorade’s ass in the categories of hydration, nutrition, taste, and general awesomness.

Coconut water is really a phenomenal beverage. It contains 15x more electrolytes than artificial sports drinks, more potassium than a banana and is all natural and super super hydrating. This is the water that comes out of a coconut when you crack it open – don’t confuse it with coconut milk, which is made from the flesh of a coconut.

And let me put this on the record for all you wild booze-cats out there – coconut water is, officially, the best hangover cure that exists. No joke.

Drink it really cold and then thank me.


2 Responses to “coconut water is the new gatorade”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Is there sugar in this? I definitely will look into coconut water. I use coconut oil when I cook like, everyday, its a great source of good fats.

    The perfect alternative to gatorade (which is crap, really), is just to add a pinch of grey celtic sea salt to your filtered water (you can’t taste it). It gives you all the minerals that are lost from the water and the electrolytes. Its perfect for athletes. If you really need some flavor, squeeze an organic orange or lime or if you HAVE to, add some organic orange juice. But juice has usually lost almost all of its nutrients by the time you drink it. Thats just my two cents!

    Jenny your blog is awesome 🙂

  2. beck Says:

    Omigod I am obsessed with coconut water now because of you, Jenny. They sell it at yogaworks so I get one after every class and it makes me feel amazing. it’s pretty awesome for after a night out as well. moreover – the gristedes down the street from us sells it for 3/$5 and a big carton for $4 i think. Dont quote me on that. but its good shit. i’ll be forever grateful for this tip!

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