on a magical mystery tour with…KOMBUCHA

So, I got tipped off today by my lovely co-worker, Annie, about an exciting magical elixir that I’ve never heard of or tried, even though they have a myriad of flavors at our local Peas & Pickles. I’ve been too damn busy with my superfood green smoothie contest that I completely missed these.
She suggested that I try one immediately and that it would of course, be good blog material, so I departed the office in search of the mystical tea that bascially…makes you perfect.

Here are some of the various Kombucha health claims. Besides being “mythical,” “compelling,” and “mysterious,” that is. It’s organic and raw. Detoxifies your system. Restores balance and vitality. Clears skin. Aids digestion. Healthier hair and nails. Increases sex drive. Anti-aging. Boosts immune system. Mental clarity. Prevents disease. Cures disease. And a lot more. It’s said to be “complete therapy.” So, how do we know?

I picked up a bottle, clearly the Multi-Green was my choice (although I want to try the Ginger next). I was completely unprepared for the taste. First of all, this drink is fermented and says it may contain .05% or less of alcohol (about the same as a non-alcoholic beer). It tasted a little like an alcoholic beverage to me, to be completely honest. Freaked me out a bit. After researching more, I found the following statement:

“It is known that Kombucha tea has about 0.5% to 1% alcohol as do some fruit juices such as apple juice. Muslims and Buddhists drink it without concern. Recovered alcoholics do not have to fear the small amounts of alcohol. The Salvation Army is using Kombucha to help alcoholics.”

Interesting. Not completely sure how I feel about that yet…will embark on more research for sure.

The recommendation is one bottle per day. Expensive habit considering they’re about $5 per bottle. Marketing scheme or magic? I guess I’ll try it a few more times while i’m juicing to feel the maximum results and see how I feel. I’ll also ask my nutritionist what she knows about it.

Oh, and by the way, if you didn’t know this already, reading my blog promotes health, vitality, increased sex drive, a strong immune system, and is anti-aging.  Keep coming back. 😉


One Response to “on a magical mystery tour with…KOMBUCHA”

  1. d Says:

    Ok, I JUST read about this stuff in W Magazine this month. Do tell me what you think of it and if it works. I desperately need something to make me healthy and not hungover/sick of myself/tired.

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